How to do a Hanging Leg Deadlift

Start by holding the bar in your right hand straight and the barbell with your left hand, perform the following:

  1. Start in a lunge position with the bar slightly elevated at a 45-degree angle, slightly under your left knee, about 90-degree angle and touching the ground. 2. Lower your right leg back as far as is comfortable, keeping the left knee straight and keeping the bar off the ground. 3. The barbell will come up against your back with your right hand still holding it (this will help ensure that the bar stays straight). 4. Return to the starting position, doing the same thing on the left leg Repeat the process on the other leg.

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To keep this form correct, do not use the momentum gained in the first rep. A few notes on this exercise: Here, I am using a barbell as my training partner (the "other" leg). This is a bit of a misnomer, as what "other" means is, in essence, a bench press partner. To perform a proper squatting/squatting exercise, the "other" leg is always the leg on top of your other leg (leg press/leg curl, for instance). Do not do this as a single-leg deadlift. One leg straight means the other should be bent to 90 degrees. To get the most effective form out of this exercise, perform it both ways (legs straight, and bent legs).

starting position

Dob-N-Gram As the name implies, this exercise has the same name as a classic "wizard's move," but the "wizard" in question is more of a "dob" (a backward one-arm overhead press), than a true magician. While this exercise's name might suggest that one could do this move and turn the trick, that's not the case when you jump rope which is also an effective way to train strength.