It's not the weights that break you down, it's the way you train with them

And this is true for the guys that do the CrossFit Games and others in their respective weight classes, too.

If you train with weights at CrossFit and then you get to the point where you're just not mentally and physically prepared for a weightlifting competition, you'll be ready mentally and physically for a weightlifting competition in about the same amount of time you take to lift weights again.

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The reason we don't train this way is that CrossFit is so dynamic in its approach to training – it's all about learning to use your body in novel ways and making it move differently – that when you're not in the right frame of mind to do that, you'll drop your program completely. But, there are other considerations you have to take into account when training with weights and training for a weightlifting competition. So, here's a breakdown of the things that you'll need to know and do in order to make sure you're doing things in the correct order and that you're getting the results you want. 1) Train the right way by being the right person We all want to make sure that we train the right way. That's not a tough task. That's just what you do. You train the right way because it's who you are, and you're who you are because you took the time to figure out that you actually don't want to train the way that everybody else around you is doing things in the weights gym.


What I mean by that is that it's not the weight, or the way that you train the weight. It's what you take out. If you're not a fan of the CrossFit style of weight lifting – if it doesn't feel right to you – or it feels like you might miss the point of competing in CrossFit and then you can't get the results you want in the weight classes because you're just not on the same page with the way that all the other people that are there train, or they train the way they want to train because that's what they feel like they have to do to be great athletes. If you're not a fan of the CrossFit style of weight lifting, try jumping rope.